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We offer Hypnobirthing classes to parents-to-be in the Preston and wider Lancashire area.

Our training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and our course has been designed and developed to support your entire pregnancy, birth and journey in to parenthood.

We offer private classes, group workshops and online coaching sessions as well as meet-ups, access to private communities through Facebook and a complete online birth resource to help you find accurate, safe and practical pregnancy and birth advice.

We are proud to offer a complete birth support package to all our clients, which includes extensive birth resources, books and an exclusive welcome gift of beatifully curated essentials for our Mama's-to-be.

We are proud to offer a complete birth support package to all our clients, which includes extensive birth resources, books and an exclusive welcome gift of beatifully curated essentials for our Mama's-to-be.

An Introduction...THE 5'Cs OF KG HYPNOBIRTHING



This week we cover the 5 C's of KGH and why each one is important to consider when planning your birth.  It's important to remember, KGH cannot promise the perfect birth.  It’s about giving you lots of different tools, which you can draw on when you need them.  Different tools will support each of you in different ways but they will ALWAYS make a difference to your birth experience.


When you join a KGH course you’ll focus on the five C’s and here they are:



You have choices when it comes to birth, even when sometimes you feel like you don’t.  KGH will help you talk through the choices you’re asked to make.  We’ll give you information and knowledge on all birth topics and sign post you to the evidence and research so you can make the right decision for you.  Most importantly we’ll look at your rights as parents, so you feel informed and prepared for your birth. 



When you are informed you feel in control because then you can become part of the decision making process for the birth of your baby.  Sometimes we don’t feel like we have time to think about our choices because we haven’t prepared and then we feel rushed in to making big decisions quickly.  It can feel like we’ve lost control of our babies birth and our body.  KGH will support you to feel in control and ready for birth and parenthood so that if asked you feel in control to make the right choices for you. 



If you’ve got yourself clued up on birth, your body, your choices and you know what to expect from the system you find yourself in you’ll feel in control – and if you feel like that you feel more confident.  If you know what your body is doing and why it’s doing it you’ll feel confident to support it and more confident to follow your own instincts.  As well as learning about the choices around birth you’ll also learn about the physiology of having a baby so you know HOW to support your mind and body through birth and what is happening at each stage.  



Breathing, relaxing, surrounding yourself with positive birth images, talking about your birth proposal and preparing for birth will all make you feel calm.  KGH teaches you relaxation techniques to break the cycle of FEAR causing TENSION, which causes PAIN, which causes more FEAR (and so on!) so that you can quickly and effectively bring your mind and your body to a state of calm, allowing you to birth your baby gently, calmly and more swiftly.



Wanting to feel safe in our surroundings when giving birth is a primal instinct.  Making sure you feel comfortable during birth will have a massive effect on your birth experience.  To have a comfortable and positive birth you’ll think about four contributing factors when you study KGH.

  • Practice – Birth requires mental and physical preparation and practice. Think about it – if you were getting ready to run a marathon you wouldn’t go for a quick run the night before would you? You would put a training plan in place months in advance. You’d train physically, visualise your run, set your goals and mentally prepare yourself to endure even when your body is tired. Birth is a marathon – so prepare and practice now.


  • Where baby is born – We’ll cover hospitals, home births and midwife led units. The risks and benefits of all so that you can decide what is best for you and your baby. You need to feel calm, comfortable, safe and prepared for birth so knowing about all of the places you can give birth is key.


  • When baby is born – We will look at why fixing our minds on due dates can cause unnecessary stress and inhibit natural labour starting. We’ll look at inductions and the risks and benefits, we’ll think about what we can do to prepare for a natural birth and when it might be more appropriate to consider intervention – KGH will prepare you for all births, in all settings so that your birth is positive and calm regardless of how you choose to do it.


  • Who is with mum at the birth – we will look at the role of the birth partner in great detail. In KGH the birth partner is mums protector. They protect the birth environment mum has created, they support mum through her relaxations and affirmations, they advocate for her with her caregivers and they support her through pregnancy and birth in to parenthood. Choose them wisely!


For more helpful and informative articles to help with your birth journey visit the blog, or get in touch with Leanne directly to ask any questions.

If you have any questions about the techniques, or want to know more about other relaxation techniques for pregnancy & birth you could book a BIRTH HOUR appointment with us, for a short, effective and informative hour of birth coaching. Details can be found here.  

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