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B.R.A.I.N - Making informed decisions

Using your BRAIN to make positive, informed decisions that make you feel confident and positive about your birth experience.

Induction of labour, caesarean section, pain relief, home birth.  There are lots of things to think about when you’re growing a baby, hey!  You have so many of your own questions but you’ll also find that your care provider will be asking you lots too.

The key to making positive choices lies in how we make them.   We don’t want to feel rushed, pushed or panicked in to making a decision that we may not feel comfortable with later.  Sometimes, we might not know enough about something to make a decision, so we find ourselves ‘going along with it’

Here’s a really quick and useful way to dissect your birth options and make sure you are giving full consideration to everything before deciding what to do.

Firstly, remember this.  Few decisions have to be made in that immediate moment.  There is always time.  You could go home and talk about it, sleep on it even.  You could ask for a moment alone with your birth partner if you’re unable to go home.  There is always a moment to say ‘Can we talk privately, please’


Once you have your time think about using your BRAIN.

B – Benefits.

What are the benefits for Mum? What are the benefits for my baby? Could this be helpful in my current situation?

R – Risks

Are there any risks if we choose this option? What are those risks and is there any evidence to support it? Do we feel like we have perspective on this risk or do we need more information (if so, ask)

A – Alternatives

What other choices do we have? Ensure you have been presented all of your options, not just the most convenient or ‘easiest’ – then weigh up each alternative equally, using BRAIN again.

I – Instinct

What does your instinct tell you? Your instinct is powerful, especially when you are pregnant.  It’s heightened in order to protect your baby.  Take a moment to listen to your body and your guy.  Talk to your birth partner and give your instinct fair consideration.

N – Nothing

What happens if we do nothing? In most situations you don’t need to react immediately.  Go home, or find somewhere private to think about it.  Resist making a rushed decision and if you have time then take it.  Use it to talk, think and get more informed.  When you are ready talk about your decision with your care providers and remember, it is always your choice. 

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