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We offer antenatal & Hypnobirthing classes to parents-to-be in the Preston and wider Lancashire area.

Our training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and our courses have been designed and developed to support your entire pregnancy, birth and journey in to parenthood.

We offer private classes, group workshops and online coaching sessions as well as meet-ups, access to private communities through Facebook and a complete online birth resource to help you find accurate, safe and practical pregnancy and birth advice.

We are proud to offer a complete birth support package to all our clients, which includes extensive birth resources, books and an exclusive welcome gift of beatifully curated essentials for our Mama's-to-be.

Posts in Antenatal Classes
My baby is breech

Around 3-4% of babies are breech at term (Meaning they haven’t moved head down) So what are your options for birth and is there anything you can do to help them move?

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Ouch! How to reduce the risk of tearing

I’d say most, if not all of the mums i’ve worked with have expressed concern or fear about tearing, or needing an episiotomy during labour and birth.

In this weeks blog i’ve listed some useful tips and linked some great videos and articles to give you all the advice you need on how to protect that perineum.

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Building your birth nest

Have you thought about your birth environment? What do you want around you? How do you want it to feel? Don’t forget, your birth environment can support your birthing body but it can also hinder it as well! Take a look out our Building a nest checklist for tips on how to make your environment support your positive birth. What did you have around you for your birth? How did you make it relaxing and special?

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Vaginal birth after caesarean

Vaginal birth after caesarean section.  This topic has come up a couple of times recently in class and on my DMs, so I thought I’d pop all of the research, information and support in to a short blog so that if you are thinking about birth following a previous caesarean, you know what your options are!

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Accurate birth information..How to find it.

Sometimes we hear words in our antenatal appointments and we don’t understand them. Sometimes we are offered interventions, or care that we aren’t really sure about. We come home and we Google it. The reality being, what pops up on Google may be inaccurate, nonesesne and sometimes, dangerous advice. Knowing where to go to get the right advice and information is KEY to making informed decisions about your care. Here’s where to look.

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Induction of Labour - What you need to know

In you’re being offered an induction of labour, you’d be right to pull your ‘hmmm, please explain’ face. Here we look at induction of labour, why it’s offered, how to make the right choice for you and how to make it a positive experience.

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Due Dates... How accurate are they?

How much pressure are you putting on your babies due date? How likely is it your baby will arrive on their due date? We look at why focusing too much on due dates can sometimes have a negative effect on our birth.

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