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We offer Hypnobirthing classes to parents-to-be in the Preston and wider Lancashire area.

Our training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and our course has been designed and developed to support your entire pregnancy, birth and journey in to parenthood.

We offer private classes, group workshops and online coaching sessions as well as meet-ups, access to private communities through Facebook and a complete online birth resource to help you find accurate, safe and practical pregnancy and birth advice.

We are proud to offer a complete birth support package to all our clients, which includes extensive birth resources, books and an exclusive welcome gift of beatifully curated essentials for our Mama's-to-be.



Visit our Youtube Channel for our focused breathing visualisations. Inhale as the affirmation expands, exhale as it moves away. Use this for your UP breathing practice in pregnancy and labour.

During labour and birth our babies move down through the pelvis, usually (but not always!) head first. 

To make the journey as comfortable as possible they rotate as they pass down, allowing them to gain the most room possible to navigate their heads and shoulders through the space available.  Watch this great video explaining the process! It will help you understand why positioning in pregnancy, labour and birth is so important!