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Hello! Meet Leanne, KGH teacher & Mama

We offer Hypnobirthing classes to parents-to-be in the Preston and wider Lancashire area.

Our training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and our course has been designed and developed to support your entire pregnancy, birth and journey in to parenthood.

We offer private classes, group workshops and online coaching sessions as well as meet-ups, access to private communities through Facebook and a complete online birth resource to help you find accurate, safe and practical pregnancy and birth advice.

We are proud to offer a complete birth support package to all our clients, which includes extensive birth resources, books and an exclusive welcome gift of beatifully curated essentials for our Mama's-to-be.


A better way to birth.


Hello, my name is Leanne... I am a qualified KGH teacher, Hypnobirthing Mama & owner of The Lancashire Hypnobirthing Co.

I am an advocate for informed choice during birth and for supporting all women to have the best child-birth for them. The benefits of HypnoBirth for mum and baby can be lifelong - so welcome! and remember, YOU'VE GOT THIS. 

I always knew there had to be another way, a better way to approach child-birth.  I found it frustrating that after announcing I was pregnant, more women would come to me with horror stories of birth than they would positive stories.  So many spoke of the fear that I should be feeling about having to ‘push it out’.  I felt deflated and a little scared.  I hate the ‘one born every minute’ culture that has been created in today’s society…that somehow child-birth should be feared, that it isn’t natural and women’s hopes for it should be controlled and prohibited. 

I wanted meaningful support and input, not scaring for the sake of it. I wanted to look back on the birth of of my daughter with amazement, pride and positive memories…and I do, thanks to Hypnobirth.

After taking a Hypnobirth course with my husband Jason I went on to have the most INCREDIBLE experience welcoming Evelyn in to the world.  (click the link to read her birth story) My birth unfolded as many do, with changes to ‘the plan’ but I felt confident and informed enough to make the best decision for my care and for my baby, even in heightened situations. I had tools to help me remain calm and focused. The birth knowledge and the deep relaxation techniques were the perfect mix of support I needed. I found that the course filled in many of the blanks you are left with after traditional antenatal classes. Hypnobirth was up-to-date and relevant for me, I felt in control and listened too and that’s what meant the most.

After Evelyn’s birth I then went on to study with Katharine Graves and qualify as a KGH Practitioner (The KGH training course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and they are training many of our NHS Midwives across the country, too!)

Since opening I am proud to have supported many families through their birth journey and we now have a wonderful community, a safe haven where like-minded families can support each other through pregnancy, birth and beyond.  

I strive to deliver an informative, evidenced based course for modern parents in a calm, relaxing environment where they feel supported, cared for and confident, so that they can make positive choices throughout their birth journey.  

I am constantly developing the course based on new research and evidence, client feedback and my personal interests, which at the moment following my own experience is focused on supporting parents through pregnancy after loss. I’ve shared my story here, if you’d like to read it. If you have experienced this and are carrying anxieties in this birth please do reach out for support.

Leanne xx

Leanne Newsham DipHb(KGH)

This is me…happiest with a cup of tea in hand, chatting about birth!

This is me…happiest with a cup of tea in hand, chatting about birth!